Join Jack Vargo as he explores a popular tool and weapon in Colonial North America in The Spike Tomahawk.

Vargo has generally been recognized as the producer of museum quality reproductions of 17th and 18th century tools and personal accoutrements. Specializing in the French and Indian Wars era, he replicates period knives and trade axes using the same forging and finishing methods of the original makers. His patterns are a variety of documented pieces. He has extensively studied the originals in 20 years of hands-on research.

During the course of this book, readers will become aware that most if not nearly all of the books written about colonial knives, axes and personal gear over the past 50 years are nearly useless when it comes to actual provenance of the pieces, being described, with some prominent authors using the dates 1750-1850 to date their assemblage of material.

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