Our small tools are copies of original tools of the 17th and 18th century. They are all hand forged, and rehardened to a tool hardness.

The fire steels are made of old files and come with a piece of flint $17.00

The turnscrews are only hardened on the blade so that the tool is not brittle. $17.00

The half pickering tool is Jack's design without the large vent pick. This handy tool can fit into your patchbox on your rifle, which ensures that you always have a tool to work on your gun with you. $17.00

The Y musket tool is copied from specimans found archaeologically at Fortress Louisbourg, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia which places them in a mid 18th century context. The tool consists of two screwdriver and a gun worm with a 8/32 female thread. $32.00

The spring worms fit 50 caliber bores and up and attached onto a wooden ramrod end. $5.00

The 8/32 and the 10/32 worms will fit bores of 54 caliber and larger. $12.00

The ice creepers are copied from an original on display at Fortress Louisbourg in Nova Scotia. We can make them larger to fit under any size winter boot at an additional charge. $27.00

The awls come in two sizes, one for leather work and one for canoe work. They are triangular in shape and are sharpened on both ends. If one end breaks or becomes worn you can take it out of the handle and use the other side. The small awls come either straight or "Z" shaped. Small $17.00 Large $19.00.  We only have small straight awls and large Z shaped awls.

The scraper blade is reproduced after some that were found on Seneca Indian sites in Western New York dating to the first half of the 17th century. They were used to dehair hides and were hafted on to either bone/anter or wood. $17.00

The muskrat spear is copied from an 18th century trade canoe spill on the Basswood River in Canada. It was hafted on a large shaft and used to spear muskrats and fish. $45.00

The ice chisel is a reproduction of 17th and 18th century specimans throughout the Great Lakes and Canada. $45.00

The seventeenth century French musket tool is $17.00.

The bore scourers are 17th century copies from early English historic sites in Virginia. They feature a breech plug scraper as well as a tow holder. They are available with 10/32 and 8/32 male threaded connections. $22.00

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