The sashes are woven on a table loom, similar to a tape loom used in the 18th century. We only use 100% pure virgin wool. They are fulled which gives the sash a softer and tighter weave. The colors are traditional dyed wool for this time period. The width is 6 inches with the standard length 9 feet long. This enables you to wear in wrapped around you body twice. Longer or shorter can be made and will be priced accordingly. $105.oo

The powder horn straps are again woven on a table loom, and have hand sewn braintan leather ends. They are copies of powder horn straps from this time period., although we have had customers use them as gun slings, guitar straps, shooting bag straps and drum straps. They come 3-3 1/2 inches wide by 30-45 inches long. A measurement of your need across your back to the project with assist us to make the right size. The ones we copied all have a strip on both sides, although, we have made them solid as well. $65.00
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