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Book now available.

The Spike Tomahawk - A Popular Tool and Weapon in Colonial North America

By Jack Vargo 

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Welcome to our site. We wish to invite you to look over the items we offer. Due to health concerns, Jack is no longer blacksmithing.

We have been making 17th & 18th century reproductions for over twenty years . All of our pieces are researched. Our library is extensive and we will gladly supply information about our pieces.

We participate in a few Living History events throughout the Northeastern United States during the summer months. We specialize in French and Indian War, Revolutionary War and Colonial Market Fairs. We also do some 17th century events.

We will continue doing porcupine quillwork but we intend to sell out our metal inventory which Jack is no longer able to produce. We can take orders on quillwork done on brain tanned buckskin.

Please contact us with any questions or requests.
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